About the Site

This site covers Judaism and technology, with a focus on website design and social media for Jewish organizations. I began the site to write about the challenges I’m facing helping bring a Jewish organization into the modern era with an engaging website and a thriving social media presence. With luck, there will be fewer challenges to write about over time and more successful strategies for me to share.

That organization, by the way, is the Shtibl Minyan, an egalitarian Jewish community and lay-led independent minyan in Los Angeles that I call home. If you’re in the area, you should come visit on Shabbat for Saturday morning services!

(Just to be clear, everything I write here is personal; none of it represents the opinions or values of the Shtibl Minyan.)

About the Author

I’m Stephen—Stephen Brumbaugh. I’m a Ph.D. student in urban planning, but worked for a few years doing systems administration, software testing, and software development before starting graduate school—hence, my interest in Judaism and technology. I live in Los Angeles now, but have called southeast Ohio, Boston, and Baltimore home at various points.

Future Topics

Over time, I will write about using the Internet to learn more about Judaism and to become more involved in Jewish communities. (I’d love to hear about resources from you, the readers, as well!) Rabbis may complain that too many people rely on “Rav Google” to answer questions about Jewish observance, but the Internet is nevertheless a powerful tool for Jewish learning, especially for those of us who didn’t start engaging with Judaism until later in life. The Internet, along with a few university classes, has also helped me a great deal with learning Hebrew, and I will write about that as well.